Meatless-Like Challenge

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Nanette Heffernan. Comment (0).

Food production is a dirty business, using lots of valuable resources (e.g. land or water) and generating tons of pollution (e.g. methane or pesticides). However, some food choices are cleaner than others, and when it comes to living green our food choices and energy and should be at the top of the list.

According to the University of Chicago going vegan is one of the best things we can do for the planet, saving an average of 1.5 tons of CO2 a year per herbivore. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions but I am always up for a challenge so here is my proposal. If you like Crunchy Wisdom then ‘Like’ us on Facebook by using the link in the upper right corner of this page. If you really, really like us then recommend it to a friend(s) and ask them to like it. For every current ‘Like’, and every new ‘Like’, I’ll go vegan for a day. This has got to be the easiest thing you’ll do for the environment all year! Each ‘Like’ will take about 8 lbs. of pollution out of the environment, or the equivalent of wiping out your commute for a day, or turning out all the lights in your house for a week, or…you get the idea.

I must admit that it is with mixed feelings that I’m hoping for hundreds of Meatless-‘Likes’.

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